The ColorBlynd Encryption Algorithm
Symmetric, variable length block cipher with variable key length and variable key count
Original Text: (253 characters)

Size of each block: (pixels)  
Padding between each block: (pixels)  
Number of blocks per row:  
Number of color blocks in Color Key:  
Generate a new Color Key:   Yes    No

Raw Binary:
Encrypted Binary:
Encrypted 8-bit ASCII:
Encrypted 256-bit ASCII: (253 characters)
Decrypted Text: (253 characters)
ColorBlynd Color Key: (7 colors)

Index Decimal Hex Base36 Base256 Binary
1 12042923 B7C2AB 764dn H 101101111100001010101011 (24 bit)
2 7234054 6E6206 4b1ty 11011100110001000000110 (23 bit)
3 7282365 6F1EBD 4c33x = 11011110001111010111101 (23 bit)
4 14060857 D68D39 8ddfd 110101101000110100111001 (24 bit)
5 1220832 12A0E0 q600 100101010000011100000 (21 bit)
6 6879043 68F743 43fwj 11010001111011101000011 (23 bit)
7 12494797 BEA7CD 7ft1p  101111101010011111001101 (24 bit)
Base36 Key: 764dn 4b1ty 4c33x 8ddfd q600 43fwj 7ft1p
Base256 Key: H  =    
ColorBlynd Encrypted Text:

The ColorBlynd Encryption Algorithm and the ColorBlynd name
are original intellectual property of Sam Douglas.
All Rights Reserved.
2002 - 2018

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